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9999994 GB100
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All Models for Professionals - The Big Comparison

In this table you can find Loop Stations of the premium segment. These models usually include several switches, inputs and outputs. They also offer a variety of features to encourage creativity when looping - such as various effects.

With the table you can easily compare recording time or memory slots, but you can also check which models have certain inputs and outputs (e.g. XLR microphone input or USB). Below each product we added the relevant links to Amazon and Thomann. In our opinion, the renowned manufacturer Boss is clearly on top and remains unbeaten with its Loop Station RC-500. In our review of the Boss RC-500, we take a closer look at the device and explain why we believe this models to be the best Loop Station currently available.

The Boss RC-600 might go as the "big brother" of the Boss RC-300 - a professional model with a good price-performance ratio. There is a lot of well thought-out technology in this device that will probably satisfy even the high demands of professional musicians. Again, you can find explicit details and all features of this model in our review of the Boss RC-600.

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