TC Electronic Ditto Loop Station - Test & Review

From our perspective, this model is not only light and small, but also solid and powerful: The mini-pedal Loop StationTC Electronic Ditto is a lightweight with extremely compact dimensions of 48 × 93 × 48 millimetres (W × D × H), but the metal case makes the looper strong and stable. We couldn't find many other models that were smaller and so strong at the same time.

Minimalist Design

Its minimalist design due to its small format includes a foot switch, a volume control and an LED with a red light (for recording and overdub) and a green light (for playback). On the right side of the Loop Station you will find the 6.3mm input jack, while the output to the amplifier is on the left side with the power supply connection and a mini-USB socket above it to feed the Loop Station with new updates.

Intuitive Controls

The TC Electronic Ditto Looper is easily controlled via the push button offering a variety of combinations which turned out to be quite intuitive. Therefore, you will only need a short amount of time to get to know the device. The following options are available:

  • push once: record / start recording
  • push twice: switch to playback
  • push once more: overdub
  • push once and hold: delete the last run / restore
  • push twice briefly: stop loop
  • push and hold for about two seconds: delete permanently

Unlimited Loops

The Loop Station is powered with a standard 9V power supply. Unfortunately, the device does not offer battery operation, as the model is much too compact for that option. According to the manufacturer, the TC Electronic Ditto Looper offers a loop time of maximum five minutes, which seems to be sufficient for most areas of application. When we were testing it, we noticed the unlimited number of overdubs, meaning that short loops can be created and then combined with other recordings in what ever way you like.

Excellent Sound Quality

We were very enthusiastic about the transparent sound. During our tests we couldn't hear any significant differences in sound between the directly recorded and the looped signal, so the individual tracks remain transparent. This is nowhere near the case with other devices of this size and price category.

No Distortions Thanks to True Bypass

While most loopers do without true bypass, TC Electronics takes the opposite approach. This circuit of the effects pedal routes the signal directly from the audio input to the output guaranteeing a trouble-free signal when switched off.

Analog Dry Through for an Optimized Sound Experience

The looper's digital circuitry is not traversed by the direct guitar signal even when the Ditto Looper is activated. TC Electronic calls this special feature Analog Dry Through, which is a circuit that prevents the played signal from being digitally processed. Instead, the signal is directly coupled to the output ensuring an excellent sound quality, which we enjoyed even when looping was activated.

Uncompressed 24 Bit as Soundbooster

Another feature significantly supports the good sound quality of the loops: Inside, the Loop Station offers uncompressed 24 bits, which is also used for signal recording. This is benefits the sound quality of the loop in a tremendous way.

What Are the Drawbacks?

Apart from the fact that the device offers a relatively limited range of functions, we noticed only two small flaws: On the one hand, the position of the control lamp is rather awkward as it sits so close to the pedals that it is no longer clearly visible when the switch is operated by foot. On the other hand, we sometimes noticed a soft crackling sound when deleting a loop. The volume of the sound and its intensity varied slightly from delete to delete. But apart from that, the TC Electronic Ditto Looper didn't reveal any other weak points.

Conclusion: Compact Solution for an Uncomplicated Rhythm and Lead Game

We believe that the TC Electronic Ditto Looper offers you an incredibly compact yet strong looper pedal, which works well both for guitarists and bassists. Minimalism is the name of the game. A single loop level control allows intuitive operation and the multifunctional single foot switch unites all commands serving as a record, stop, overdub, undo and redo button.

Many other models that we checked out might offer more functions, but their overall design often didn't come across as harmonious as the TC Electronic Ditto. The Ditto focuses on the essentials: it loops consistently and without any loss of sound. With the Analog Dry Through circuit and the True Bypass, Ditto's TC Electronic model offers additional, powerful features to ensure even better handling and an excellent sound quality. So, if you are looking for a compact device without complicated features, this is the perfect choice.

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Author: Loopstation Team
Publish date: 28.11.2020
Last updated: 10.11.2021

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